EnerPlex Kickr IV – Portable SolarCharger



From the top of Mount Everest to a lazy day at the park, the EnerPlex Kickr IV can charge any USB enabled device!

Never be left with a dead battery again. Very lightweight and flexible, this USB Solar Charger is extremely portable. Weighing only .68 pounds and about the size of a magazine when folded, this unit is a backpackers dream! This powerful USB Solar Charger can charge all of your USB enabled devices including smart phones, satellite phones, tablets, GPS, gaming devices, or digital cameras!


  • POWERFUL Collect 6.5 watts of power from the sun
  • FLEXIBLE Lightweight, flexible plastic casing to protect solar panel
  • ADAPTABLE Grommet rings to tether, tie down, loop onto, and more
  • COMPACT Folds easily to fit into a backpack, briefcase, and purse
  • VERSATILE USB outlet allows the ability to charge several devices

Additional information

Weight .68 lbs
Dimensions 7.375 × 6.875 × .25 in

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