Lithium Power Banks

A lithium Power Bank paired with a USB Solar Charger creates solar simplicity and ease of use. 

A lithium Power Bank is simply a mobile battery pack that can charge any variety of  devices like smart phones, GPS, gaming devices and portable speakers. Basically anything that charges via USB! Power Banks can be charged with our USB Solar Chargers or any USB port in your computer, or wall outlet.
  • Light weight and compact, perfect for throwing in a brief case or purse while on the go!
  • Great for travelers, business trips, or the glove box of your car!
  • Essential for camping, expeditions, hiking, or just a day at the park!


Combining a Lithium Power Bank with our USB Solar Chargers takes the guess work out of solar!

  • Charge your power bank during the day and forget about it, let the sun do the work!
  • Come back to abundant clean portable solar power available whenever you need it.
  • Charge your devices with the power bank at night or on rainy days when its convenient for you.