Flexible Solar Charger

Sunlinq USB Solar Chargers


The Sunlinq line of Portable solar chargers from Global Solar are lightweight, convenient, and silent.

  • Their ease of use provides peace of mind with the knowledge that you will always have a power supply available to you no matter where you are. Whether your on the trail, at a festival, or just at the park you’ll never be far away from a power source.
  • A Sunlinq Solar Charger provides reliable and portable solar power for phones, MP3 players, GPS devices, portable battery packs, or any gadget that charges¬† with a USB connection.
  • The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport and built-in grommets allow for hanging, mounting or securing in any position.
  • Strap on a tent, back pack , or the dash of your car and have clean renewable power anywhere!
  • One (1) year limited warranty provided through Global Solar.



Power Pack w LED

Store the suns energy all day and charge devices when you need them. Charge at night or on a rainy day.

Charge your powerpack during the day and forget about it.

Come back to abundant portable solar power available whenever you need it.

Charge your devices with the powerpack at night or on rainy days when its convenient for you.

Flex solar charger + Power Pack = Simplicity!

Pairing a USB Solar Charger and Power Pack together takes all the guess work out of solar. Just plug the powerpack to the panel anywhere under the sun and charge your devices at night.

Solar Phone Charger

Solar Phone charger

Never get stuck with a low battery again with a solar phone charger from solarchargerusb.com. We specialize in portable solar chargers for cell phones, gps, gaming devices, iPods, cameras, and anything that charges via USB! Our solar phone chargers will never leave you stranded with dead batteries again. Great for business trips, camping, or hitting the trail. Our panels charge in low light levels and can charge a cell phone in 2-4 hours! Constructed of high grade CIGS technology, the most efficient thin film on the market. Folds up for efficient storage, unfolded when needed. They have a small footprint and are lightweight for the on the go consumer. Slap it on your backpack, on the dash of your car, or on the office window. Our solar phone chargers are adored by the backpacking and survivalist communities for their ease of use and portability. Combined with our power pack our panels can charge your USB devices whenever needed even after dark or on stormy days. Just unfold the panel, connect via USB and let the sun do the work!

Solar USB Charger

Say good bye to dead batteries and never lose an important call when you have a solar USB charger!

Our portable solar USB chargers can charge any device that operates via USB. Works any where under the sun, and operates in low light levels! These revolutionary panels are made from cutting edge CIGS technology. Previously used by NASA on satellites and the international space station, these solar USB chargers can provide countless hours of enjoyment from all of your USB powered devices.
Just leave the solar USB charger with power pack in the light and let the sun do the work!

Why CIGS technology is the best

Many of you have heard of CIGS technology and it’s many applications but what exactly is it and why is it the best thin film solar technology on the market? CIGS stands for copper ignium gallium selenide and is a semiconductor. Among it’s many uses CIGS is best known as a solar cell material in thin film solar cells. In this role CIGS has the advantage of being able to be deposited on flexible substrate materials. These produce highly flexible, lightweight solar panels. Recent improvements in efficiency have made CIGS a strong leader among alternative cell materials. In laymans terms CIGS panels provide more power per smaller area and are highly flexible and light weight. Sounds great for something you’ll be carrying around in your pocket or backpack doesn’t it?