Solar Phone Charger

Solar Phone charger

Never get stuck with a low battery again with a solar phone charger from We specialize in portable solar chargers for cell phones, gps, gaming devices, iPods, cameras, and anything that charges via USB! Our solar phone chargers will never leave you stranded with dead batteries again. Great for business trips, camping, or hitting the trail. Our panels charge in low light levels and can charge a cell phone in 2-4 hours! Constructed of high grade CIGS technology, the most efficient thin film on the market. Folds up for efficient storage, unfolded when needed. They have a small footprint and are lightweight for the on the go consumer. Slap it on your backpack, on the dash of your car, or on the office window. Our solar phone chargers are adored by the backpacking and survivalist communities for their ease of use and portability. Combined with our power pack our panels can charge your USB devices whenever needed even after dark or on stormy days. Just unfold the panel, connect via USB and let the sun do the work!

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